Thursday, July 29, 2021

Camp Dates for 2022

For those who like to really plan ahead, we've set the dates for next year's summer camp sessions at Three Falls. See you in 2022!
Webelos Resident Camp session #1 - 6-26-22 to 6-29-22
Webelos Resident Camp session #2 - 6-29-22 to 7-02-22
Scouts BSA #1 - 7-03-22 to 7-09-22
Scouts BSA #2 - 7-10-22 to 7-16-22
Scouts BSA #3 - 7-17-22 to 7-23-22
Mark your calendars now. Signup in Tentaroo starting in July.

Join the Thunder!

 Greetings and Salutations!

The summer of 2022 is going to be the year of Adventure, Fun and Friendship at Camp Three Falls! And now is the time for you to become part of the team that will make the Roar of the Thunder happen once again!
Click the link below to download the staff application. If you want to be part of the team fill it out now!
Here's the deal: We want to hire Area Directors by late November or early December -- and have a meeting/orientation/training session for Area Directors while most people are around during winter break. So if you are going to be over 18 next summer and are at all interested in being an Area Director, we need your application by October 31.
If you are not interested in being an Area Director, or are not old enough, you need to send the application in by November 30.

The application is a fillable PDF. It would be great if you could fill it out on your computer so it's easy for us to read. Then either email it back to or send it/take it to the Ventura County Council office.
We will be interviewing Area Directors in late November. If you are away at school we want to try to talk to you while you're home for Thanksgiving weekend. Other staff interviews will take place in January.
Jerry Thurston
Camp Director
Larry Tuck
Program Director

Three Falls -- The Place for New Scouts!

Three Falls offers one of the best -- we actually think it's the best -- Trail to First Class programs of any camp in California.

Designed and run by veteran troop leaders, outdoors enthusiasts, trainers and educators, our Pathfinders program is engaging, active, and fun for your younger scouts. Not a lot of sitting around here: your scouts will spend their time tying knots, building fires, sharpening knives, taking hikes, swimming, playing games (with a purpose, of course); there's even a cool overnight in the tepees near Fort Lockwood.

To give you the maximum flexibility, Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class skills are all taught separately, at different times. A brand-new Scout can take three periods and work on all three ranks, while a Second Class Scout can take just the First Class section, leaving the rest of the day free for merit badges.

While it's understandably a popular program, we provide enough instructors to maintain a ratio of about one instructor to eight scouts, a perfect size for active outdoor learning.

Let us help get your newest scouts off to a great start with their Scouting adventure!

Three Falls -- The Place for Older Scouts

Maybe it's because our Webelos program is one-of-a-kind ... and our Trail to First Class program is so good ... and we offer so many great merit badges ... but people sometimes overlook how much Three Falls has to offer for older scouts.

* The Three Falls Adventure Trek. Okay, so maybe it needs a catchier name. This week-long program for scouts 13 and older starts with two days in camp for climbing on our 57-foot tower; Low COPE and teambuilding; black powder rifle shooting; frontier skills at Fort Lockwood; and field archery. Then the crew takes off for a three day, two night backpacking trip into the Chumash Wilderness. The week finishes with mountain biking on some great trails.

For scouts planning a Philmont Trek or other long term backpacking experience, it's an opportunity to fine-tune their backpacking skills: Our Trek staff is chosen from older staff members with previous Philmont experience, and they teach Philmont-style methods and Leave No Trace principles. Along the way, the crew learns leadership skills drawn from the BSA's Kodiak syllabus, and can earn Camping and Geocaching Merit Badges.

Note: This program is being revised for 2022. We'll provide updated information soon!

* Frontier Survivor. Our exclusive hiking award gives scouts the chance to experience some of the best hikes in the Lockwood Valley/Mount Pinos area, while still participating in nearly all of our regular camp program. It involves three morning or evening hikes followed by a night sleeping out under the stars near North Falls. There's a Polar Bear Swim in there too, just to keep things fresh. Frontier Survivor is recommended for experienced hikers 12 and older, though some of the hikes are open to all.

Those who complete all the requirements receive the coveted Frontier Survivor neckerchief and slide.

* Climbing. At 57 feet, our climbing tower is one of the tallest at any scout camp in the county, and we believe it is the tallest at any camp in California. We offer Climbing Merit Badge, of course, but also night climbs that are open to all.

* Mountain Bikes. Intrepid cyclists can complete the Cycling Merit Badge in a week at camp. We supply bikes and helmets, or you can bring your own.

* BSA Lifeguard. Offered every week for older scouts.

* Merit Badges. We offer 35 to 40 merit badges (it varies from year to year). Older scouts will be particularly interested in Eagle-required badges like Swimming, Lifesaving, Environmental Science, Camping, First Aid, Citizenship in the Nation and Citizenship in the World. But don't overlook some fun and challenging options like Cycling; Welding; and Metalwork. Most of these have minimum age and/or rank requirements.

* Staff. For your 14-and-older scouts, camp staff can be an opportunity to take their scouting experience to the next level. Applications are taken in fall for the following summer.

Three Falls -- The Place for Webelos Adventure!

Now is the time to start planning to attend Webelos Resident Camp at Three Falls.

At Resident Camp, your scouts will experience four days and three nights of outdoor adventure. We provide tents and cots, great food, and a full schedule of fun, from campfires to hikes; BB guns and archery, climbing on our monster climbing tower, swimming in our pool, plus opportunities to learn new skills that fulfill advancement requirements, like outdoor cooking, knife safety, knots, nature study, astronomy, and more.

Above all, it's a great time!

Webelos Resident Camp at Three Falls is open to boys and girls who are currrently Bears (third grade) or first-year Webelos (fourth grade). Resident camp is a pack/den activity, not for individual scouts or families. Parents are encouraged to attend, but BSA regulations and our camp rules do not require a parent for every child. Packs may set their own standards.

Next summer's dates are:
Session 1: June 26-June 29, 2022
Session 2: June 29-July 2, 2022

Registrations can be made online at Please use your unit Tenteroo account to place your reservation, not an individual account.

First Year Webelos? We Can Bear It

If you're a Bear Den Leader -- or parent of a Bear Cub Scout -- this is for you! A lot of Bear Den Leaders forget that Webelos Resident Camp is open to Cub Scouts who are going to be Webelos NEXT school year -- so if they are Bears now, they can come to camp in summer 2022.

Our Webelos Resident Camp is a great experience for first-time campers. We supply tents and cots, and tasty (really!) meals in our dining hall, so you don't need a lot of camping gear or know-how, just a willingness to try something new.

Our staff puts on the program, with swimming, BB guns, archery, handicrafts, hikes, fun campfires, and much more. Your Webelos can work on several Webelos Adventures toward their advancement. Or you and your den can simply relax and enjoy the mountain air and the great views, and have a good time.

The dates for summer 2022 are

Webelos Session 1 -- June 26-29
Webelos Session 2 -- June 29-July 2

To learn more, download the 2021 Leader Guide from the council web site at The 2022 Webelos Leader Guide will be available around the first of the year.

Signups are through Tentaroo. Follow the link from the council web site. Remember that Webelos Resident Camp is a pack or den event, so work with your Cubmaster or Pack Committee Chair to sign up using the Pack's Tenteroo account. Questions? Send us an email at