Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Leader Appreciation Day Report

Terry Nelson, shooting sports  director and "Mr. Three Falls"
Thanks to all who joined us for our first Leader Appreciation Day at Three Falls this past weekend. We had some good conversations with Scouts and Scouters, got some suggestions on program offerings, and several offers of help in various forms. Summer Camp reservations are coming in from both in-Council and out-of-Council units, excitement is growing about some of the changes and improvements we are going to make, and we are looking forward to a great summer in 2011.

Thanks to Terry Nelson, Frank Royer and Bill Parker, who came up to run program for us. Thanks also to the Order of the Arrow for hosting us during their Vigil Weekend and providing the lunch.

OA setting up the tepee
Staff members Carlos Robredo and Arielle Gipson spent the morning with us, along with myself (Larry Tuck, program director), my wife Lisa (Trail to First Class and other projects), and Tom Sisolak (camp director). Joe and Sandy, our cooks from last summer, also came by to visit and agreed to come back next summer -- that's excellent news, because they are great cooks and all-around wonderful people. We collected staff applications from several of our visiting Scouts, too.

We had a good discussion among the staff members who were present about some ideas for program enhancements for next summer. Frank Royer, Scott Chandley, and some of the other folks from OA had some interesting suggestions for improvements to program areas that fit right in with my thinking, so we will likely be pursuing some of those ideas. I'll be telling you more about those projects as they develop.

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