Sunday, November 28, 2010

Let It Snow, Let It Snow...

Before the snow

Winter Wonderland

Camp office, Sunday Morning
Troop 127 from Agoura came to Three Falls again this year for their annual winter encampment, and were rewarded with about four inches of snow on Saturday night. It worked out just about perfectly -- a little rain Saturday morning as they were driving up, but no rain in the afternoon. Snow overnight, which stayed on the ground most of the day. By Monday afternoon when they left the snow was nearly all gone.

They had a great time, shooting rifle and shotgun (they have their own certified instructor), doing geocaching, and having a big snowball fight at the fort, along with some advancement work.

We enjoyed meeting them and look forward to having them come up again next year.

Want to get your share of Three Falls snow? Click here for information about our upcoming Winter Camp weekends.

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