Monday, February 21, 2011

Getting into the Frontier Spirit

As part of our Frontier theme emphasis this year, our staff is going to be portraying characters from Western history (and Lockwood Valley in particular). That will include wearing appropriate costumes during many activities. Campers are welcome to join us by wearing Frontier clothing as well. We encourage both Boy Scouts and Webelos to wear period clothing for Campwide Games on Friday (Tuesday for Webelos Session 2) and for the barbeque dinner and closing campfire.

Lockwood Valley has a rich history, from the Chumash and other native American people who lived and visited here for thousands of years; the Spanish explorers and rancheros, mountain men (yes, they did pass through here); American soldiers from Fort Tejon; loggers and miners (there were sawmills and mines within a few miles of camp); homesteaders and farmers. Our staff willl be representing all these groups.

Here are a few links to youth-friendly sites that will provide more information about reenacting some of these periods, including suggestions for dressing in period clothing:

Mountain Men: Site for a Rendezvous program at Mataguay Scout Reservation with lots of information on clothing and frontier skills:

Early Settlers: State of Missouri educational site on early settler crafts and skills. Includes a pattern for a frontier style shirt:

Civil War Reenactment for kids:

Fort Tejon Historical Association: Click the Student Living History link and look at the Teacher Handbook for ideason teaching frontier skills to your Scouts:

Ridge Route Communities Historical Society: Lots of information on the history of the mountains of northern Ventura County and southern Kern County, including Lockwood Valley. A visit to their museum in Frazier Park would be a good stop on your way to or from camp:

Participation in living history activities, and visits to historic sites like Fort Tejon and the Ridge Route Museum, may count toward the Boy Scout American Heritage Merit Badge, the Webelos Home Town Historic Sites adventure award, or the Venturing Outdoor Living History elective toward the Ranger award.

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