Monday, April 4, 2011

Camp Staff Prepares for a Super Summer

Most of the summer camp staff was up at Three Falls this weekend for our second staff development session. By the time you arrive in camp this summer, our staff will have completed a total of more than two weeks of training and development time, plus many more hours of individual study and planning, to Be Prepared to deliver the best possible camp experience for you and your Scouts.

We worked on inventorying equipment and supplies in the program areas, continued with lesson planning, and did some cleanup work -- the recent round of storms left a lot of downed tree limbs and other minor damage around camp. You can see a large downed limb in front of the trading post in the picture below, along with a little residual snow from last week.

The high point of our weekend was a visit from Bonnie Kane, a local historian who has written several books about the Ventura County mountain communities. Bonnie helped staff members work on creating profiles for the historical characters they will be portraying as part of our Frontier theme emphasis this summer.

With the smart, dedicated, and hard-working staff we've put together, I'm excited about this camp season -- it's going to be an incredible summer. At the same time, registration numbers are very good -- the head count for our scout weeks is about 50 percent above last year. If your troop or pack hasn't already commited to a summer camp, or if you have overflow or provisional scouts, contact the Council office to sign up now!

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