Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Staff Gets into the Frontier Spirit

Singing Round the Campfire: Alex, Day, Zach, Steven, and Rich

Those of you who have been to Camp Three Falls the last couple of years know that our talented and enthusiastic staff puts on great, memorable campfires. This year promises to be even better, with a new, frontier-themed opening campfire and even better closing campfire.

Connor - Shooting Sports
 At our staff work weekend, the staff got into the frontier spirit, dressing up in period attire and gathering at the campfire bowl (after a long, hard day of work setting up their program areas) to practice some of our favorite camp songs and learn some new ones. Here are a few pictures.

Steven - High Adventure Director,
and Arielle - Trading Post

We want to thank all the staff members who gave up their weekend to help prepare camp; thanks also to Gary Lee for his assistance, advice, and support; and thanks to the Order of the Arrow Topa Topa Lodge not only for all the work they accomplished at camp during their ordeal weekend, but also for letting the staff join them at camp during this important event.

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