Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Online Merit Badge Signups

Three Falls has entered the 21st century by providing online merit badge signups for Boy Scout units. We have sent information on the process to the e-mails units provided on their reservation forms. If no one from your troop received this information, e-mail us at threefallsprogram@gmail.com and let us know where to send the info, and we'll get it right out to you.

Please submit your scouts' merit badge requests electronically at least a week before coming to camp so we have time to collate the data and distribute it to area directors. Boys can make last-minute changes when they get to camp, but bear in mind that some popular classes may fill up by then. With advance registration, we have time to deploy extra resources to meet demand; we may not be able to do that at the last minute.

Also, please make ONE leader from your unit responsible for entering the information online, not individual scouts or their parents. This is to avoid potential abuse of the system.

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