Thursday, April 26, 2012

Webelos Leader Guide

The Webelos Resident Camp Leader Guide is now available.

Copies of the PDF file have been sent by e-mail to the leaders of units that have signed up for camp. If your unit did not receive an e-mail, it means we have an incorrect address on file. You can download the guide from the download section at the right of this page, but also please contact us at and let us know what e-mail address we should use for future communications with your unit.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

NEW Online Merit Badge Sign-up System for 2012

This year we are using an online merit badge signup system called BadgeTracker by Goerlich Solutions Group. Here’s how it works:
  1. If you haven’t done so already, make copies of the Merit Badge Planning Worksheet found on pages 52 and 53 of your Boy Scout Leaders’ Guide (note that this is a two-page listing). Have your Scouts use this form to select which merit badges they would like to work on this year.
  2. In the next week to ten days, units that have signed up for camp will be added to the BadgeTracker system.
  3. The primary contact person we have listed for each troop will receive an e-mail with a user name and password to log on to BadgeTracker.
  4.  At this time, you will be able to log onto the system, but you will not be able to sign Scouts up for merit badges until the system goes live on June 2.
  5. We will assign “credits” to you troop. One credit equals one scout. We’ll  assign just the number of credits you need, based on the number of Scouts you’ve paid for. Note that we pay BadgeTracker for each credit, so we don’t want to assign excess credits that you don’t need. If you add Scouts and need more credits, let us know.
  6. On June 2 (the day of our leader meeting), the system will be open for you to add scouts and sign them up for activities. Click the Camper tab; enter each scout’s name, rank, and age; and then use a simple menu system to select classes and times. Note that many classes have class size limits. If a class is full, you may want to check back later to see if someone has dropped. At this time the system does not allow for a waiting list.
  7. You can print a troop master schedule and individual boys’ schedules by clicking on the Reports tab.
  8. You can return to the system as often as you want to add more scouts or change their schedules.
  9. The system will be CLOSED after July 1 so that we can print our class rosters, finalize staff assignments, and order supplies. Changes and additions after July 1 will have to be made at camp, on a space-available basis.
We hope this system will make merit badge signups much more efficient than in the past. We’ll demonstrate the system at the Leader Meeting on June 2. If you have any questions, let us know and we’ll make every effort to resolve them for you.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Boy Scout Leaders Guide Now Available

The 2012 Boy Scout Camp Leaders Guide is available for downloading from the Summer Camp page on the Council web site. Check it out -- this year's guide is full of pictures and detailed information on all our great programs. The Webelos Resident Camp Leader Guide is being finalized and should be online in a week to ten days.