Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Channel Islands Bicycle Club Supports Three Falls with a $3,000 Grant

We're happy to announce that the Channel Islands Bicycle Club has awarded a $3,000 grant in support of the cycling program at Camp Three Falls.

This grant will be used to expand our fleet of bicycles and purchase other needed equipment, including safety gear, repair and maintenance tools and supplies. This will enable us to extend our cycling program to many more Webelos and Boy Scouts. Planned offerings include free time rides on local roads and trails, and the Cycling Belt Loop for Webelos. For 2013, we also hope to offer a partial on the Cycling Merit Badge.

The Club is also a sponsor of this year's 12 Points Bike Ride.

Our thanks to the good folks at Channel Islands Bicycle Club for their support of our camp and other youth cycling programs in Ventura County.

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