Friday, October 26, 2012

New Eagle-Required Badges in 2014

The National Council has announced that Cooking Merit Badge will become an Eagle-required badge effective January 1, 2014. Cooking was required for Eagle for many years, but was dropped in the 1970s.

The requirements are reportedly being revised, but we don't have any details yet. There was a time when this was a common summer camp badge, but the current requirements don't lend themselves so well to a summer camp setting. We'll be watching for the revisions to see if it makes sense to bring this one back to Three Falls  in 2014.

BSA also announced that it is adding a new merit badge called Sustainability. This will also be Eagle-required, as an alternative to Environmental Science (just as Scouts can currently choose between Lifesaving and Emergency Preparedness, or select Hiking or Cycling instead of Swimming). This one is supposed to be rolled out next summer at Jamboree. We'll also be looking at Sustainability as a possible addition to our program in 2014.

The Bryan on Scouting blog, written by one of the editors at Scouting magazine, has an article on these merit badges and is a good source of news on future BSA advancement changes.


  1. will you offer the cooking MB at summer camp?

  2. Like most summer camps, we do not offer Cooking Merit Badge. The current requirements do not lend themselves well to completion in a summer camp environment; scouts must plan six days of meals including menus for car camping, backpacking, and home cooking, and must cook a total of nine meals (feeding themselves and other people). If it's done right, this would be extremely difficult to complete in a week. The merit badge is currently undergoing revision, and we will re-evaluate it for 2014 when the new requirements are announced.