Friday, April 5, 2013

Webelos Resident Camp Program

Webelos Resident Camp at Camp Three Falls offers a great selection of activities for Webelos Dens, including:

Outdoorsman Pin (includes knots and fire safety. Schedule a hike to complete additional requirements)
Whittlin’ Chip

Aquanaut Activity Pin
Open swim

Open paddling - canoes, rowboats, kayaks

Nature Lodge
Forester Activity Pin
Naturalist Activity Pin
Geologist Activity Pin

Fort Lockwood
Indian Lore (Language and Cultures Belt Loop)
Frontier Skills

Handicraft Corral

Shooting Sports
B-B Guns

High Adventure Area
Pinnacles Hike (one period, leave after breakfast)
North Fork Nature/History Hike (two periods, leave after breakfast)
Bouldering Wall
Teambuilding Games
Mountain Bikes (Webelos II only)
Note that these activities are scheduled as a den, not individual scouts/parents -- participating in the program as a group is an important part of the Webelos camp experience. The ideal group size is six to eight boys (not including adults) -- groups of more than ten boys should consider splitting into two smaller groups for program purposes, and should submit separate Program Requests. Very small dens (four or fewer boys) will be paired with another den at most program areas.

Den Leaders can submit their requests using the Program Preference form. Please, only one form per den. The form is in the Leader Guide, or you can download it here.

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