Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Cycling Merit Badge Added for 2014!

Camp Three Falls will be offering Cycling Merit Badge for the first time this summer, using the new Mountain Biking option.

The badge will involve a lot of challenging, exciting off-road riding on trails near camp in the Lockwood Valley and surrounding hills.

This will be an intense merit badge: It requires a total of seven mountain bike rides ranging from 2 to 22 miles in length, as well as learning about bike handling, maintenance, and safety. To get all the requirements completed, we're scheduling this as a double-session merit badge, either two sessions in the morning or two in the afternoon, and participants may also have to devote some time for early morning or evening rides. Scouts taking this badge should be aware in advance that the time required may cause conflicts with some other activities.

Because of the physical demands of this activity, and for safety reasons, we are limiting participation to Scouts who will be at least 13 years old when they arrive at camp.

The class will be taught by experienced mountain bikers, using our bikes and other equipment. If a scout wants to bring his own mountain bike or helmet, he may use it, subject to inspection and approval by our instructors.

Cycling Merit Badge is a late addition to our offerings and is not included in the Leader Guide. Scouts who want to take the badge should reserve either period 1 and 2, or period 3 and 4. Leaders of units that are signed up for camp will receive more information on this badge later in the spring.

Our thanks to the Channel Islands Bicycle Club for their continued support of the bike program at Three Falls.

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