Sunday, June 29, 2014

New Webelos Program for 2015

2015 Webelos Handbook
The Cub Scout advancement program is undergoing a major revision effective in Spring of 2015, and we're already looking at how we can implement these changes for our 2015 Webelos Resident Camp. Since many Webelos leaders will be unfamiliar with the program changes, we think that Resident Camp will be a perfect time to bring you up to speed and help you get started with the new program.

The revised program is designed to be more den-based, easier for den leaders to plan and execute, and most importantly, more fun for the boys! Each rank will require the boys to complete seven "Adventures," which are intended to take about a month to complete. For each rank there are three or four "core" (required) Adventures. Dens can then choose from a list of elective Adventures for each rank to make up the required total.

Information on the coming changes is available at this site:

Looking at early information on the Webelos program, we think we will be able to help dens complete portions of the following Adventures:

Webelos Walkabout (hiking)
Aquanaut (swimming and boating)
Camper (camping, obviously. Draft requirements include using GPS!)
Adventures in Science
Bull's Eye (BB guns and archery)
Castaway (How to avoid getting lost, and what do do if you do get lost)
Earth Rocks! (Geology)
Into the Wild (Nature)
Into the Woods (Trees and Plants)

Most of these will fit right into our existing program with just minor changes to our activities. However, this is a very preliminary list. We'll be studying the requirements in detail, and we hope to be able to let you know early in 2015 exactly what we'll be able to provide at camp.

We'll have more information in our 2015 Leader's Guide, and we'll keep you updated on this site as we fill in the details.

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