Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Three Falls -- The Place for New Scouts!

Three Falls offers one of the best -- we actually think it's the best -- Trail to First Class programs of any camp in California.

Designed and run by veteran troop leaders, outdoors enthusiasts, trainers and educators, our Pathfinders program is engaging, active, and fun for your younger scouts. Not a lot of sitting around here: your scouts will spend their time tying knots, building fires, sharpening knives, taking hikes, swimming, playing games (with a purpose, of course); there's even a cool overnight in the tepees near Fort Lockwood.

To give you the maximum flexibility, Tenderfoot, Second Class and First Class skills are all taught separately, at different times. A brand-new Scout can take three periods and work on all three ranks, while a Second Class Scout can take just the First Class section, leaving the rest of the day free for merit badges.

While it's understandably a popular program, we provide enough instructors to maintain a ratio of about one instructor to eight scouts, a perfect size for active outdoor learning.

Let us help get your newest scouts off to a great start with their Scouting adventure!

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