For Older Scouts - Adventure Trek and Frontier Survivor

Three Falls isn't just for New Scouts -- we also offer exciting programs for older campers, including challenging activities like BSA Lifeguard, Small Boat Sailing Merit Badge, Black Powder Rifles, our Seneca Run, and Frontier Survivor.

Merit Badges

We offer several merit badges that are limited to older scouts who have more maturity, patience, and in some cases physical ability. See the Leader Guide for specifics.

  • Welding
  • Metalwork (Blacksmithing)
  • Citizenship in the Nation
  • Citizenship in the World

Three Falls Adventure Trek

Camp Three Falls is proud to re-introduce the Three Falls Adventure Trek Program. Designed especially for older scouts looking for a higher level of excitement and challenge, the Adventure Trek takes advantage of the best that Camp Three Falls and the Los Padres National Forest have to offer, including:

· Two days of backpacking, including camping at remote trail camps in the Chumash Wilderness. Learn Philmont-style backpacking techniques.

· Mountain bike training and a challenging ride down Mount Pinos

· Climbing on our 57-foot tower

· Low COPE

· Leave No Trace training

· Rendezvous primitive living skills, including black powder rifle shooting, survival skills and more

· Leadership skills development

· Camping and Geocaching Merit Badges

This exclusive program is available this year only for Scouts who are at least 13 years old at the beginning of camp, and have completed 8th grade.

Treks will be led in camp and in the field by specially trained staff members. The program is designed for individual scouts, not as a troop or patrol activity.

Due to the added cost of running this program, there will be a $35 per scout surcharge in addition to the regular camp fee.

Unit leaders will receive detailed instructions on how to sign their scouts up for this exciting program, as well as a gear list.


Our unique Frontier Survivor program consists of a challenging series of early-morning hikes that take you to some of the most scenic spots on the Mt. Pinos Ranger District, the Chumash Wilderness, and the 3,500-acre U.S. Borax property. You'll see ancient Chumash rock paintings; relics of the borax mining days a century ago; three waterfalls; a wonderland of nature; and awe-inspiring views.
Two of the hikes are held early in the morning -- the Lee Falls hike leaves camp at 5:45 a.m.; Pinnacles at 5:00 a.m. Middle Falls departs camp at 7:00 p.m. The Outpost Camp leaves at 8:30 in the evening. All hikes normally return to camp in time for morning advancement sessions.
This is a strenuous program intended for older scouts. We recommend it for those who have been to at least one previous summer camp and have completed several previous 5-mile hikes. No one hike in this series is overly difficult for a first-time camper -- in fact, we encourage first-year scouts to join us on the Pinnacles -- but taken together, we find these hikes are a lot for younger boys to handle.
Those who complete all the hikes in the series, including the Outpost Camp, receive a Frontier Survivor neckerchief and slide.
Middle Fork Canyon: Considered by many to be the most beautiful canyon in this part of the Los Padres, this 5-mile hike twilight hike takes you through the center of the Borax property to a hidden waterfall in the Chumash Wilderness. Bring plenty of water and a flashlight for the return trip.

Pinnacles: Leave camp while it's still dark out and hike up the ridge on the south side of North Fork Canyon. You'll watch the sunrise from the top, then enjoy the fantastic view of eroded rock formations, the Cuyama Badlands to the west, the Lockwood Valley to the North and East, and mountains and forests all around. Bring a flashlight and water bottle.

Lee Falls: Explore a side canyon that leads into the Borax property north of camp and see fantastic rock formations and a small seasonal waterfall on this easy morning hike.

Outpost Camp: Sleep under the stars away from camp in North Fork Canyon. In the morning, you'll visit North Falls and stop on your return trip to check out the Chumash petrogylphs and Whispering Rock. Dress warmly and bring a sleeping bag, tarp, flashlight, water bottle, and a small pack to carry your gear. You'll be back in time for breakfast the next day.