Sunday, September 26, 2010

Three Falls and the Electronic Frontier

When we talk about a frontier theme at Three Falls, that usually means cowboys, gold miners, fur trappers, and the like -- which fits right in with our setting in the historic Lockwood Valley and our landmark Fort Lockwood.

But we're also moving into the 21st Century Frontier of the Internet. So far, there are three components (how appropriate):

The Ventura County Council web site:  This is the source for official camp information, documents and forms. Flyers and registration forms for both Winter Camp and Summer Camp are there now, and other information is being added regularly. We hope to have the summer camp Leader's Guide posted there by January, maybe sooner. Council switched to a new site format a few months ago and is slowly getting the site repopulated, so keep checking back for more information.

This blog: Maintained by our Program Director (that's me, Larry Tuck), the blog will give you the latest information about our plans (like this posting); advice for leaders; photos and videos; and other interesting and occasionally even useful ideas and trivia about camp. If you don't want to check in frequently, you can subscribe to our RSS feed and get updated when there's something new on the site.

Facebook: Our latest claimstake on the Electronic Frontier is a Camp Three Falls Facebook page -- check the sidebar column to the right on this page to see a link. There's not much happening there yet, but I'm thinking that during camp this will be a good way to keep the folks back home updated on what's happening at Three Falls -- kind of like the telegraph on the Old West frontier. (Oh my, that gives me an idea....)

Both the blog and Facebook give you the opportunity to become part of the evolution of Camp Three Falls by responding with your own requests and suggestions -- for instance, use the Comment space below to tell me what you think of how we can use the Internet to improve your camp experience.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Camp Three Falls Video

This is a newly-edited version of the Three Falls promotional video, with new music. Very cool!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Summer Camp, Winter Camp Forms Available

Registration forms for both 2011 Winter Camp and 2011 Boy Scout Summer Camp and Webelos Summer Resident Camp at Three Falls have been posted on the council web site. The Summer Camp site also has a colorful descriptive flyer that you can print and share with your scouts and parents. See the links at right -- they will take you directly to the appropriate download pages.