Tuesday, April 26, 2011

BSA Medical Forms Required For Summer Camp

Like every Boy Scout Camp, Three Falls is required to have a current BSA Annual Health and Medical Record form on file for every person attending Boy Scout Summer Camp and Webelos Resident Camp. This includes both youth and adults, and applies to everyone staying overnight at camp, even if it is only for one night.

Parts A, B, and C are required, including the physician's signature. Part D is used for those attending BSA High Adventure bases like Philmont, Jamborees, and a few other special circumstances.

If you have questions about this policy, e-mail us or contact your local District Executive.

For your convenience, we've added a link to this form in the "Downloads" list on the right side of this page.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Webelos Adventure Awards You Can Earn At Resident Camp

When you come to Webelos Resident Camp at Three Falls, you can earn several special Webelos Adventure Awards. A couple of these are National awards; others are offered by the High Adventure Teams of various councils to encourage Webelos Scouts to get outdoors and enjoy camping, hiking, and other avtivities.

You can complete most or all of the requirements for the following patches while attending resident camp:

Webelos Under the Stars

Cub Day Hiker

Webelos Hiker

Outdoor Activity Award

Enthusiastic hikers can also get started on the Webelos Scout Hiker award, then finish by taking some additional hikes after camp.

For full requirements, click here: Webelos Adventure Awards

Thursday, April 7, 2011

2011 Leader Guide is Now Online

You can access the 2011 Boy Scout Camp Leader Guide by clicking on the link below:

2011 Three Falls Boy Scout Leader Guide

For the 2011 Webelos Leader Guide, click this link:

2011 Three Falls Webelos Leader Guide

Check back periodically for updates.

Getting Your New Scouts Started on the Right Path

Trail to First Class has always been one of the most popular parts of our camp program, and certainly one of the most important. Learning basic Scout skills and making progress toward First Class rank makes first-year campers feel good about themselves and about their Scouting experience -- and greatly improves the chances that they'll stay in Scouting and return to camp the following year.

After studying successful programs at other camps and talking to experienced leaders, this year we're making our Trail to First Class program even better, and to call attention to the change we're renamed it Pathfinders.

First, we've increased the staff. Lisa Tuck, who ran our TTFC program last year, is back as director. She is joined by three instructors, who are already working with her to plan lessons and other activities.

We're changing the schedule, with a period each day devoted to each of the first three ranks. A boy who is already Second Class can just come to Third Period, which will focus on First Class requirements; a new Scout can come to all three periods if he wants to, or just to the one that focuses on Tenderfoot. That lets the instructors focus on a more focused set of skills each period, and lets you and your Scouts plan to use their time more productively.

We're adding an optional cooking activity that will fulfill the Second Class cooking requirement, which is sometimes difficult for boys to complete. And we're offering boys who participate in Pathfinders the opportunity to participate in a special outpost camping activity at the end of the week.

Of course, your younger Scouts will still have period or two free to take merit badges, and they can also participate in nearly all of the troop, patrol, and individual acitivities that camp has to offer.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Merit Badge Planning Worksheet

The Merit Badge Planning Worksheet for 2011 is now ready for you to download here:

Merit Badge Planning Worksheet

You can print and copy this sheet as an aid for your Scouts to plan their daily schedules for camp. It shows what merit badges are available and when, and also includes difficulty ratings and prerequisites. Other activities like Pathfinders (Trail to First Class) are also listed.

In response to many requests, we're developing a system to let you sign your Scouts up for merit badges before they come to camp. We'll fill you in on the details as we finalize that system.

The Leader Guide is getting a final proofreading now, and after a few last corrections will be available in the next couple of days. Sorry it's taken so long, but we're making a lot of improvements to our program this year, and we wanted to be sure the Leader Guide accurately reflects those changes.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Camp Staff Prepares for a Super Summer

Most of the summer camp staff was up at Three Falls this weekend for our second staff development session. By the time you arrive in camp this summer, our staff will have completed a total of more than two weeks of training and development time, plus many more hours of individual study and planning, to Be Prepared to deliver the best possible camp experience for you and your Scouts.

We worked on inventorying equipment and supplies in the program areas, continued with lesson planning, and did some cleanup work -- the recent round of storms left a lot of downed tree limbs and other minor damage around camp. You can see a large downed limb in front of the trading post in the picture below, along with a little residual snow from last week.

The high point of our weekend was a visit from Bonnie Kane, a local historian who has written several books about the Ventura County mountain communities. Bonnie helped staff members work on creating profiles for the historical characters they will be portraying as part of our Frontier theme emphasis this summer.

With the smart, dedicated, and hard-working staff we've put together, I'm excited about this camp season -- it's going to be an incredible summer. At the same time, registration numbers are very good -- the head count for our scout weeks is about 50 percent above last year. If your troop or pack hasn't already commited to a summer camp, or if you have overflow or provisional scouts, contact the Council office to sign up now!