Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Camp Improvements Under Way

Camp staff, friends of Three Falls, and the Order of the Arrow are working on several camp improvement projects for this summer.

  • The dock at Lake Wood has been rebuilt with new Trex decking thanks to the efforts of Glenn Clough, John Clough, Rich Pisor, Tom Sisolak, and Gary Lee.
  • An improvement you won't see -- or smell -- and you'll be glad you didn't: Glenn Clough and Gary Lee have installed a new septic leach field for the staff/adult showers.
  • After that, Glenn and Gary, along with Roy Hales and other volunteers, are finishing up re-wiring the staff cabins, benefitting not only the summer camp staff (which we surely do appreciate!) but also everyone else who rents the cabins throughout the year.
  • At their Spring Ordeals, the Order of the Arrow scraped paint and made light repairs at the pool house, in preparation for a much-needed repainting.
  • OA work crews also did campsite setup, dug up the grease trap and the septic diverter box for repairs, sanded and sealed the cabin porches and the bridge, and hauled brush and firewood.
  • The Scoutcraft/Trail to First Class staff, with assistance from other staff members, has begun moving the Scoutcraft and Trail to First Class areas from the large corral near the center of camp, to a new home on the back side of the lake, near the other program areas. We're going to be building some impressive pioneering structures during staff week -- pictures to come.
  • The High Adventure staff laid out a new orienteering course, worked on improvements to the Cat Eye Trail (which will probably get a new name), and located sites for geocaches. They're also working on new, improved camp maps.
  • The Aquatics staff did a thorough cleaning of the boathouse and began assessing needed repairs for several of our watercraft.
  • The Frontier Skills staff has begun work on improvements and expansion of our Frontier Skills area.
We've got more physical plant improvements planned, and we'll keep you informed as they progress.


Staff Gets into the Frontier Spirit

Singing Round the Campfire: Alex, Day, Zach, Steven, and Rich

Those of you who have been to Camp Three Falls the last couple of years know that our talented and enthusiastic staff puts on great, memorable campfires. This year promises to be even better, with a new, frontier-themed opening campfire and even better closing campfire.

Connor - Shooting Sports
 At our staff work weekend, the staff got into the frontier spirit, dressing up in period attire and gathering at the campfire bowl (after a long, hard day of work setting up their program areas) to practice some of our favorite camp songs and learn some new ones. Here are a few pictures.

Steven - High Adventure Director,
and Arielle - Trading Post

We want to thank all the staff members who gave up their weekend to help prepare camp; thanks also to Gary Lee for his assistance, advice, and support; and thanks to the Order of the Arrow Topa Topa Lodge not only for all the work they accomplished at camp during their ordeal weekend, but also for letting the staff join them at camp during this important event.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Webelos Leader Presentation

About 20 Webelos leaders attended a Webelos Resident Camp informational meeting at the council office on Saturday, May 7. If you missed it, you can view or download the PowerPoint slides here: Webelos Leader Presentation

You can also view video of the presentation by following this link:

The leaders who attended this weekend's meeting were excited to hear about some of the changes and enhancements we're planning for this summer:
  • Frontier theme activities
  • Bouldering wall open for Webelos Camp
  • High Adventure awards, including Cub Day Hiker, Webelos Hiker, and Webelos Under the Stars
  • Advance sign-up for activities, including more program choices
For more information, check out the PowerPoint and download the Webelos Leader Guide.

An additional Webelos Leader Meeting, as well as a Boy Scout Leader Meeting, will take place on June 4 at the council office.