Thursday, April 9, 2015

New Shower House Under Construction

As many of you know, the shower house at our swimming pool had been in poor condition for a long time. This year, council has committed to replacing it with a modern structure, and construction is underway. The schedule calls for the new building to be completed just before the start of camp.

The building includes a large youth section, and separate men's and women's showers. The youth shower room will have dividing doors so it can be split into boys' and girls' sections for coed events. Each section will include individual shower stalls for privacy, benches for changing clothes, plus toilets and sinks.

There will also be open-air showers on the west end of the building -- you can see them in the top picture -- for folks who come to the pool in the bathing suits and just need to rise off quickly. This will reduce waiting time during busy times like swim checks.

The pool itself is also slated for repairs and upgrades in time for the 2016 summer camp season.

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