Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Leader Comments on Three Falls 2015

Just a few comments from our end-of-session leader surveys:

"Best food of any camp I've been to."

"I am proud to say that for the second year in a row Camp Three Falls staff is the best in the last 11 years of my scout camp attendance!"

"When our boys voted to come to Three Falls I agreed but with reservations. I was wrong. Three Falls today is by far the best summer camp I have ever visited. Definitely I will use as an example of a well-run camp."

"Carolyn has made, hands down, THE BEST camp food ever! None of us went hungry with seconds and thirds."

"Awesome climbing wall. climbing, cycling staff excelled not only at teaching but relating to our Scouts.... Our boys loved the night climb, but especially the STAFF"

Staff friendliness is "as good or better than Disney."

"They turned it up to an eleven!"

"You are the standard that the scouts and adults of [our troop] use to compare the quality of Boy Scout summer camps.  Our troop compares quality of staff, food, location, camp sites, facilities, camp fires and program activities of the camps we attend based on our past experience at 3-Falls.  And some of our senior scouts have been to five or six summer camps, and only once to 3-Falls, yet even they consider 3-Falls the standard-bearer.... While our experiences at the other camps have for the most part been positive and many of these camps have some great individual staff members, I think it is the culture of your camp that puts you above the others."