Sunday, March 4, 2018

Cyber Chip at Summer Camp

In addition to being required for both Cub Scout and Boy Scout rank advancement, BSA's Cyber Chip is now required as a prerequisite for some STEM merit badges. Scout who plan to earn Photography Merit Badge at Three Falls need to have a Cyber Chip card, for example.
Our STEM department will be offering a Cyber Chip class as an option for both Webelos and Boy Scouts.

For Webelos: Like most activities at Webelos Resident Camp, this is a group activity. You Den Leader can request the class for your group in advance (before you come to camp) and we'll schedule you to attend.

For Boy Scouts: The class will be offered during free time one afternoon during the week. Scouts can sign up individually at camp. For boys who are in 6th grade and up, one requirement is to write and sign an agreement with your parents setting rules for use of digital technology. To help with this, we've provided a sample agreement. You do not need to use this exact form; it is offered as an example. But to complete Cyber Chip at camp, each scout does need to bring a copy of a signed agreement with him to show to his counselor.

Here's a link to the sample agreement: