Monday, June 24, 2019

Webelos Resident Camp - Fast Facts

The following information will be especially helpful to parents of Webelos Scouts attending Camp Three Falls for the first time:

Medical Form: Everyone, youth or adult, staying overnight in camp, even if it is for just one night, needs a BSA Health History form, parts A, B, and C. This includes a signature from a physician or other approved medical practitioner (as described on the form) dated within 12 months of your last day in camp. There will be no exceptions.

Weather: Temperatures in July are usually in the upper 80s or lower 90s during the day, and the 50s at night. But it can be hotter or colder, or even rain. So be prepared for a range of weather.

Tents: We provide canvas wall tents on wood platforms. They measure 8 x 8 feet and are big enough to stand up in. Each tent is intended for two people and is equipped with two cots, which have wood or metal frames and a canvas sleeping surface. You must bring a sleeping bag (best) or blankets. Youth can share a tent with another youth (which we encourage) or with a parent. Adults can tent with their own child; with another adult of the same sex; or with their spouse.

Food: Meals are served cafeteria-style in our dining hall. We provide tasty, nutritious, kid-friendly food. There is one main, hot dish, plus sides for each meal. A salad bar is available for most lunches and dinners, and there is cereal at breakfast. We can accommodate special menu needs such as allergies, as well as those with religious dietary restrictions, if we are notified at least a week before your arrival in camp. Without advance notice, we may not be able to meet your needs.

Activities: You will participate in most camp activities with your pack or den, not individually. The leader of each group (den, or combined dens) should fill out a program request form (in the back of the leader manual) and send it in at least a week before your arrival in camp. Most activities are designed for groups of 6 to 8 youth. We will combine smaller groups to make best use of our facilities, and may ask you to split larger groups.

Rest Rooms: Each campsite has a Porta-Potty and a washbasin. There are rest rooms with flush toilets for adults only near the dining hall. There are flush toilets and showers for youth and adults at the pool.

Electricity: There is no electricity in the campsites. There is power available outside the dining hall, at some other buildings, and in the shower house at the pool.

Vehicles: You cannot drive to your campsite. You must park your car in the parking lot. Please carpool, since parking space is limited.

Alcohol and tobacco: Alcoholic beverages of any kind are prohibited on camp property. Smoking as well as vaping are permitted only in the designated smoking area on the north side of the parking lot. Do not smoke in your campsite.

Cell Phones: We ask that you do not let youth carry or use cell phones at camp. Adults, please limit your cell phone use. Don't let homesick scouts call home: It only makes their homesickness worse.

Thursday, June 20, 2019

2020 Camp Dates

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Dates have been set for Summer Camp Programs at Three Falls in 2020:

Scouts BSA
Session 1 – June 28-July 4
Session 2 – July 5-11
Session 3 – July 12-18
Session 1 – July 19-22
Session 2 – July 22-25

Reservations can be made at starting in September 2019.